Keep Your Passion...

So very important to remember and keep focused on when life takes a turn that is viewed as an unsavory direction. It is easy to become jaded...distraught...distracted and off track. Your foundation gets rocked. Your thoughts and visions no longer clear and the goals you strive to achieve seem to be slipping away. Obstacles are merely that. They can be overcome. Work on your shit each day and conquer them. Your passion in your life and what you do is what inspires you and others around you. It is what keeps that glowing light in your eyes and steadies the course for that happiness that your friends, family and loved ones have come to enjoy and know that to be who you are. Without your passion for life and in your work, you lose that edge, that spark, that light that sets you apart. I have always stressed that one needs balance in your life between home and work. God knows I have not always walked the walk. It is hard as a chef or anyone with strong passions for their craft. The good things in life remind me to keep my passion. To all the fellow cooks and foodies out there...I dedicate this small piece of my passion and our work here to you...
white asparagus & morel salad, green asparagus bread, white asparagus gelato, crispy lomo
chive blossom vinaigrette

dungeness crab spring pea "cobbler"
honshimejii mushrooms, tarragon, savory bacon streusel, peas, lobster essence
chilled english pea "boisson", creme fraiche, meyer lemon oil

almond crusted local albacore tuna, fava bean tapenade, fennel-radish salad,
chorizo-tomato-green garbanzo sauce

grilled oregon lamb tenderloin, king trumpet mushrooms, truffle yogurt
garlic-eggplant-tripe "tartine", ramp pesto, garlic shortdough, lamb jus

cinnamon-caramel milkshake, chocolate pearls, vanilla bean

part two of dessert symphony...
lehua honey pot de creme, kumquats, kumquat sorbet, macadamia cookies
chocolate-pralione silk, smoked cherry wood ice cream, langue du chat wafer
strawberry-rhubarb crisp, tapioca, muscovado streusel, spruce tip ice cream
chocolate-peanut butter bar, blueberries, mint, chocolate sauce
buttermilk beignets, pecans, banana pudding, espresso ice cream


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