Hodge Part 2...

~crab cakes~
corn griddlecake, yuzu & chili laced crab, chervil, golden caviar,
sriracha aioli, lemon-yuzu kosho oil
indigo rose napoleon, cider poached kusshi oyster, basil gel, apples, honey gelee
spanish inspired gazpacho, clam-chorizo-almond salad, lemon, evoo
scallop, charred corn, squab, thyme, jus de poisson
corn pudding, smoked lobster, chanterelles, aussie truffles, truffle nage
~foie gras~
seared pave, nectarines, blackberries, whipped blackberry, walnuts, coffee sugar brulee
silky chilled tartine, grilled figs, banyuls vinaigrette, root beer foam
~spiced sword~
grilled steak, green chickpeas, brisket oil, tomato jam, charred baby octopus
piquillo peppers, pedro ximenez dressing
~cucumbers & tomatoes~
mexican pickled cucumber, shaved salad, elderflower compressed, sorbet
tomatocello compressed, couer de tomate, croustillant, sorbet, water boisson
~duck with fun flavors~
peaches, apricot mostarda, pecan-cacao nib waffle, chocolate, gianduja
huckleberry jus, caramel
sous vide tenderloin, fennel seared, tunisian cous salad, apricot, almond, curry, mint
eggplant  caviar, smoked onion salad, cassis sauce
~veal cheek~
syrah braised, lobster mushrooms, artichoke salad, polenta fries,
garlic 3 ways-black fermented, chips, caramelized parcel in zucchini

~strawberries & rhubarb~
buttermilk-rhubarb panna cotta, strawberry salad, strawberry-prosecco pates de fruits
pistachios, rhubarb sorbet
~an O Moment~
warm valrhona manjari coulant, verbena laced raspberries, smoked ice cream
salted pumpkin seed praline, caramel tuile, caramel-port-vanilla sauce
Enter...a vision revisited and taken beyond! The second round of tastes presented with passion, inspiration, dedication to the craft and the profession, commitment to excellence and taste and above all...for and in the love of cooking! Enjoy the journey. Stay hungry and eat well my friends...


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