Late Summer Memories...

elk carpaccio ravioli, yellow taxi tomato pave, arugula

tomato jam filling, basil, pecorino and 30 year balsamic

seared hudson valley foie gras, hazelnut-cacao nib waffle, nectarines
jalapeno, mint, crispy shallots, cherry gastric

grilled alaskan halibut, chanterelle-parsley salad, corn
corn pudding, pancetta and truffle jus

grilled arctic char, smoked calamari, chanterelles
lentils, truffle essence, roasted corn

tree ripened plum composure, fennel pollen
lime elderflower drizzle, prosecco ice

spice crusted muscovy duck, potato puree, heirloom garlic
lentils, baby turnips, king trumpet mushrooms
wild blackberry sauce

pepper crusted american bison loin
braised honshimejii, artichoke-chesnok red garlic pancake,
celery root puree, salt roasted beets, black cherry infusion

sweet corn brulee, silk, marshmallow, figs, chocolate mint ice cream

blackberries, cherry-almond bite, dove bar stix

rhubarb-strawberry sorbet, frangipane, noyaux ice cream

The end is near I thought...the end of summer is coming upon us...getting close, becoming a reality, drawing us in as we succumb to the change of the season. The fall is right around the corner and with it comes the great beauty of autumnal ingredients. It is hard to believe but although sad, fall is a welcomed thought. These shots represent the handful of nights and dishes where summer was still on the forefront of our minds and passions whereas we found ourselves surrounded by gifts from the earth via our wonderful farmer; Mark Lovejoy from Garden Treasures. For if not for him and passionate peeps like him, we would be cooking with pure shit. His passion of the earth and all that grows is what stimulates us to create our own desires and present the heart of our own craft. It fuels our passion to cook, thus to serve, thus to please. Hope you can get inspired by what you see to create your own inspirations and perspectives.


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