Spring; R.I.P....

warm rabbit salad...different composition

sous vide/fried egg yolk, truffles, morels, amaranth
seared foie gras, rhubarb turbine, pears, herbs
salad burnett, hazelnuts, curried carrot ribbons,

crispy soft shell crab, peas, pea vines, carrot puree, verjus
sauteed fresh spot prawns, artichokes, king trumpet mushrooms
carrot oil, verjus, citrus essence

bouchee revigorant
citrus fragments, macadamia nuts, jalapeno essence, hibiscus ice

red wine & root beer braised bison short ribs
porcini mushrooms, syrah steeped ramps, fava bean tapenade stuffed squash blossoms
lingonberry jus

As June comes to a quick close, I wanted to post a few shots that made it fun, made it memorable and made it possible to transition into the next month which lay ahead. Good times...like a day at the beach...well, almost.


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