V Day 2011...

~cupids amuse~
ginger ale poached penn cove select oyster, raspberry-hibiscus gel
orange creme fraiche, chorizo, marcona almond, bergamot vinaigrette
micro chrysanthemum

seared sea scallops
port cured foie gras, compressed apples, hazelnuts, micro greens, saba
crispy onions and warm cocoa emulsion
pan roasted atlantic monkfish
calamari sous vide & bacon "porridge", honshimejii mushrooms, caramelized garlic gnocchi
sweet onion-blis sherry essence, micro celery

Mustard Glazed Poussin Degustation
breast sous vide, leg confit, grilled sausage with brown butter potatoes

truffles, pear relish, thumbelina carrots, micro kohlrabi
and sour cherry reduction
(missed shot)
cacao nib crusted american bison
black trumpet mushrooms, slow cooked artichokes, crosnes
fig-almond chausson, balsamic-valrhona manjari jus

"S is for Sharing"...
warm chocolate "coulant", cappuccino semi freddo, vanilla compressed pears
banana-pecan milkshake, chocolate-olive oil bites with popcorn

"dove bar stix", macaron sandwiches and black currant flavors

A bit on the late side I know since it was a week ago. I get it, I don't post often enough. Hell...I work. This post is all about and the tribute to the lover's package that was served up for Valentines Day Dinner on the 14th. Cupid had it goin on as the food took on a very sexy nuance to it. The bites tasty, the flavors sensual, the plates voluptuous and the vibe was cool. This day is probably the most favorite for me to cook. Other than chefs tables, wine dinners, guest chef events and the like, this seems to be a might where food is so much the main focus and the unexpected is expected! We play and have fun with the dishes and look to craft them with love, soul, whimsy and sensory excitement.


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