Chinese New Year...


tea smoked chicken, tapioca, pears, duck broth, scallion, 5 spice oil


dungeness crab & lemongrass wontons, carrot-cabbage slaw, daikon, black sesame,

pineapple, chilies, sriracha splash, hearts of palm


MIA-(not pictured)

~steamed~...jasmine rice

~sauteed~...sweet shrimp, garlic, mango

pork belly during glaze sessions...

cooks can't keep their eyes and hands off it

Honey & Soy Lacquered Berkshire Pork Belly
apples, onions, honshimejii, lotus chips, chili threads, baby bok choy

roasted pineapple-macadamia nut financier, coconut-chocolate tear drop
mango ice cream, pineapple caramel, vanilla

A bit past due, but hey, I work, I play, I cook...so get over it. It is the thought that counts of course. This was a re-do from last years fiasco. We don't even want to go there. Just think guest chef, not knowing crowd, us not knowing her style and competancy, ideas and such and a hungry crowd acutely aware of our abilities and expecting same caliber of execution...not happenin...Enter 2011- The Year of the Rabbit! This year was in our control. We listened...we contemplated and collaborated, we put into our own perspective and cooked from the heart. Although a bit rustic, it played well on the theme and the crowd. very tasty in every bite. Textures were exciting, tastes were fun and flavors were alive! I am not even a close relative to one Chinese, but in my humble summation, it kicked ass. The vibe from the guests was nothing short of spectacular. Simple and fun. Hopefully, we sent the group into a new year of prosperity, good health, good wishes of wealth and happiness.


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