Just Pig Out...

The term just seems to fit. Eating, breathing, consuming, learning about and experiencing 5 local chef's paired with 5 local wines and featuring 5 local pigs...Enter Cochon 555 Seattle! Brainchild of Brady Lowe, the guy behind the swine. Five of our city's best chefs will be preparing as many tastes and bites as they can for the masses of foodies that will come to grace the halls of the Westin Hotel Seattle this Sunday, February 20th at 5pm.

John Sundstrom...Lark, Licorous

Holly Smith...Cafe Juanita

Rachel Yang...Joule, Revel

Jason Stratton...Spinasse

Ethan Stowell...Ethan Stowell Restaurants (anchovies & olives, tavolata, how to cook a wolf, staple & fancy)

Wineries will include Syncline Wine Cellars, Elk Cove Vineyards, K Vintners, Scott Paul Wines and Domaine Serene as well as many others.

Come to learn...visit to experience...drop by to dine on swine...or just Pig Out!


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