Passion, Committment, Dedication...(part 2)

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foie gras "terrine", compressed pears, hazelnuts, cacao nibs,

micro burgundy amaranth

saba-hazelnut oil, savory olive oil-chocolate caramel

poached kusshi oyster, fluke sashimi w/ fennel, beet gel
apple/bacon roulade, steelhead roe, maple-pecan oil, micro arugula

"modern crudo" of wild japanese hamachi, carica, heart of palm,
spicy coconut wafer, pumello, togarashi, elderflower dressing, mizuna

roasted beet salad, fluke sashimi, tapioca, carica salad, ginger
yuzu aioli, apple-herb salad, chili threads

fennel crusted fluke, lentils, veal cheeks, parsley salad, bacon
walnuts, sous vide fennel, jus de poisson

pan roasted weakfish (sea trout)
same preparation, different fish, different taste

this is the follow up addendum to it's initial counterpart posted earlier...it is the lighter and more sexier of the bunch...the more sophisticated and chic, the more delicate and simply down right tasty dishes that tend to take on a more contemporary look and feel with a more more modern approach to them...enter the fish, shellfish and fish-meat combinations, as well as foie gras! These for me are very fun to cook as well as to prepare and present. I love fish. I love foie gras. I love vegetables and I love cooking all of them! Sure, I enjoy meat cookery as well...hearty and bold, masculine and meaty, very savory and unctuous at times. Food you really love to sink your teeth into. But let's face it...meat can be a bit clumsy or dull, if only in visual alone. It is heavy and a bit rough around the edges at times. I have enjoyed many, many meat dishes over the years and walked away feeling very proud and stoked with my work in the realm of meats, but alas...in the end, fish, foie gras and vegetables are where my heart is. Oh yea, I almost forgot (stupid me)...I almost forgot about one of my most greatest loves in cooking...CHOCOLATE!!! That is another story in and of itself...


Blogger Marc Frederic said...

You ought to produce a calender with all these great photos!

8:56:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

hi marc...good idea. will keep it in mind. glad you enjoyed the work of my craft.

9:32:00 AM  

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