Sexy Heirloom Beans...

At least that is how I see them. They are very elegant and sexy. Long legged and voluptuous in nature. In a word...beautiful! Enter the Scarlett Runners~ We usually only see them in a dried form from various a staples supplier. They are quite cool in that state as well and we enjoy using them during the cold fall and winter months when the NW is somewhat barren in its offerings. But, from a few select special sources, we are able to get freshly harvested shelling beans, which then become the hearty legume once they are dried. We use them fresh in this case though. Granted, they still need to be cooked low and slow for a while to become softened as they are not able to eaten right out of the gate. The husk is hard and tough. The bean has a skin, which is unpleasant and it is chalky and firm. But...when you give it some undivided and well deserved attention, nurture it a bit on the stove and add some love in the pot, you will be greatly rewarded and reminded of why this bean is so cool.


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