Wherever I May Roam...

Grilled Diver Sea Scallop
Green Zebra Tomato "Pave", Pedro Ximenez, Truffle Oil, Truffles
Herb Spatzle "Carbonara", House Guanciale, Black Pepper, Porcini and Parmesan Emulsion

and the kitchen is my throne...we adapt to the unknown(or die of course)! You know the rest of the song... Sometimes, I never know where an ingredient will take me. I let it roam where it may. I have written about inspiration many a time. I enjoy the privilege, freedom and ability to allow myself to wander and roam in search of a concept...a flavor...a vision and a taste. At the chef's table, this is the vibe that has lead me to this state of nirvana hundreds of times over. There is no rhyme or reason other than for the sake of creating great food and allowing my passion to be brought to the forefront in search of and for the purpose of kicking ass on the plate and for the palate! Of course, there is always structure, form and fashion as well as a strong discipline and foundation to craft the dishes based on technique and philosophy, but that is a given. Some day...we may just get to where we are headed...yea right! Here are a couple dishes crafted lately that didn't make the last post...

Seared Arctic Char
Braised Rainbow Chard, Roast Corn-Bacon Pancake, Apple-Thyme Jus de Poisson
Herb Oil


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