Cramming For Finals...

That is what these last few weeks have seemed like for my business partner, Mr. C and I...freakin finals week in college. We are embarking on yet another year of operation and it is time to get our new banquet menu up and running for the fast approaching busy season and upcoming holidays. It is a really daunting task and not one that I look forward to each year, but alas...it must be done. You have to keep yourself fresh as a business or you are doomed, and yet, it seems like we go through this process and spend a hell of a lot of time and energy on it, only to sell a ton of food that either wasn't even on the menu, or at least in the context of what we planned in terms of flavors and ingredient combinations. Anyway, that is an entirely different story in itself and I simply do not have the energy right now to go into that. All that said, it does mark the time that pushes us into fall with all the good flavors that comes along with it. My crew has seen us both sit day after day working on new menu items, reading...writing...documenting...conversing...contemplating away with piles of papers, books and magazines and notebooks spread out everywhere and I only hope they understand the complexity of it all and can appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into our crafted creations! Time will only tell. Thanks team for your support in getting the production done while we are knee deep in the shit! Cheers to you all.


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