Killer Pig Feast...

Earlier this week, we were in the midst of porcine heaven and all that is pig! We had received a fresh whole hog from one of our local farms and had been preparing many different degustatory delicacies from the beast presented in various forms and fashions. From roasted loins and seared tenderloin bites to sausages and sauces to braised bellies and slow roasted shanks! Of course, one would put up some sausage gems only to be savored later when ready. We had some little odds and ends, not much to be able to really feature a dinner around with the exception of for a few friends. I had just the two in mind...one couple who have been all about what we cook and what our culinary mission is geared towards and the other couple who are so immersed in good cooking, great ingredients and food and all that is restaurants per se. Since the amount we had left and the very nature of the cuts were such that we literally only had two of some items, it made sense to treat them with respect and have fun with them and let the pork shine. Here are a few dishes of what became our Woolley Farm's Pig Feast, or "hog heaven" as it were...

Sliced Salumi with various condiments

Head Cheese Terrine aka "Fromage de Tete en Gelee"
roasted loin, shoulder and head cuts, compressed apple-walnut-parsley salad
green apple mustard, saba drizzle, beet sorbet
Seared Sea Scallop & Slow Cooked Kidney
peaches, foie gras, hazelnuts, montepulciano vinegar and thyme

Spiced & Slow Cooked Pork Brisket
(aka "Corned Pork and Cabbage")
Napa Cabbage-Chanterelle-Quinoa Roll, Potato Puree, Silky Herb Nage
Crispy Soft Shell Crab & Glazed Pork Belly
"fried green zebra tomato", cape gooseberries, basil, trampetti olive oil
brandywine tomato sorbet, tuscan melon tartare, lemon verbena foam
Syrah Braised Pork Cheeks
hand cut pasta, honshimejii mushrooms, chard, truffle oil, pecorino

10-hour Pork Shanks
summer savory, garlic and black pepper rubbed
with artisan grits, tasso braised carrots, trumpet royale mushrooms
cabernet onions, 3 sauces
Sorbets and Ice Creams of the moment...
bacon macaroons, blackberries, elderberries, lemon, pistachio and lavender


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