Quest for Cure...

savory bresaola
juniper, thyme, pineapple sage, black pepper
A salumist's mission. An artist's vision. A passionate cooks dream. Just a few shots of some things hanging around...as it were. After a trip in the upper forest region of the state and some amazing, breathtaking views it reminded me of time in Italy and Switzerland and the kick-ass salumi and air dried meats so painstakingly and personal to those that hold the passion for the technique and are willing to share in the dream. In a word...sublime. Enjoy...

sweet coppa...black pepper, and spice

spicy coppa...smoked paprika and chilies

bresaola...cardamom, spice and spice

the box of love...
basilicata, chorizo riojana, culatello traditionale et navarre

bresaola and guanciale


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