State of Transition...

crispy soft shell crab, baby cahnterelles, corn-bacon "crema", chard
chili threads
slow merlot braised short ribs/horseradish potatoes, corn, squash, slow cooked fennel
chanterelles, smoked chocolate essence
pan roasted diver scallop salad, pesto, black zebra tomatoes, charred tomato coulis

pork salumi/ quince/olive risotto croquette/castellvetrano/smoked paprika

pan roasted halbit cheeks/truffles/chard/corn pancake/jus de poisson

pan roasted halibut cheeks/porcini/hazelnuts/pumpkin flan
px-hazelnut vinaigrette

Transition~this is so where I am right now, yet totally in denial for sure! I admit it...I simply do not want summer to be over...not just yet. Hell, it didn't even really start for us here in the NW, but I have to man up and quit whining already. In the kitchen, we are fortunately still getting great summer fruits and vegetables; ripe with great tasting lusciousness. We are all over it... but are we? With the great "end of summer love", comes the wonderful sexy beauty of fall! Sexy? Really?...yea, for sure! Who can resist the beautiful "first of the season" baby chanterelles, or the voluptuous porcini, or the amazing potatoes, roots and squashes, or the first of the lobster mushrooms or...yea, you get it. It is a state of euphoric inner sanctum from a culinary perspective for some. Truffles and potatoes...is there anything more arousing than this? Ok, well maybe, but I am talking cooking. But not much right? This is where I am at...in this newly found inspiration for something warm and hearty...slow and rendered...caramelized and sensuous...roasted and wonderful! As I sat and planned our last chef's table menu looking at the most sexy looking sheet pan of heirloom tomatoes from Garden Treasures Farm and freakin awesome OMG peaches from Pence Orchards, I could not get past the thoughts of something more seductive to cook like, oh I don't know...a beef short rib or a veal shank!!! Shit, this is what I am talking about peeps. It is an intoxicating roller coaster of gastronomic addiction fueled and fulfilled by a culinary passion and foundation. All I am trying to convey is that although we complain about the loss of fun in the sun or a party in the pool, and no matter how much I enjoy the summer foodstuffs, the fall always has a special place in my heart. Here are some crafted dishes of late...so stay warm, eat fresh and enjoy the art of cooking for the soul~your stomach will thank you later!

chilled early girl tomato-lime boisson/hot lemon verbena-black pepper foam
frozen fennel pollen-yogurt lollipop

pan roasted american bison/glazed sweetbreads/pecan-blis maple potatoes
caramelized heirloom hardneck garlic, baby carrot-apple confit/
blackberry essence


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