Food For Thought...

Just two dishes that made up a culmination of tastes and textures from two different chef's table dinners at the end of the week. We were busy so the rest of the "family" photos of dishes and tastes went MIA. My bad. Bummer too, as there was some kick ass food, or so I felt. You will have to only imagine and conjure up your own images of culinary pleasure.
act one...
~wooley farms pork terrine en gelee, green apple mustard, compressed apple-walnut salad
~lobster two ways- chilled salad, ground cherries, golden caviar, lobster aioli and hot cappuccino
~seared "la belle farms" foie gras, spiced sumemr peaches, blis maple gastric, tea bubbles
chocolate-brioche "ravioli"
~ pan roasted soft shell crab, corn-bacon pancake, trumpet royale mushrooms, baby tomatoes
lomo, pea puree
~glazed pork belly & seared scallop with braised pork shank, gnocchi, quinoa, chanterelles
blackberry essence

act two...
~maine lobster salad, ground cherries, avocado, golden caviar, yuzu sabayon
~ fennel pollen crusted local albacore tuna, corn-bacon pancake, chard, trumpet royale,
pineapple sage essence
~ spice crusted american bison, honshimejii, corn fritter, glazed fennel, smoked tomato jus
~ wild blackberry "crisp"- hazelnut macaroon crumble in bottom, fennel blossom ice cream, warm blackberry and jus
~ plethora of sweets and treats...too many to list
~ mignardise- passion fruit caramels, marionberry pates de fruits, caramelized honey chocolates
lemon macaroons


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