A Blend in the Vitamix...

I am calling this a blend cause' it is a culmination of tastes and textures from three consecutive chef's tables during the festivities last week. And how do we come across that blend...we throw our wonderful ingredients in the ever-trusty Vitamix only to unfold into greatness of smoothness and purity. For those that are not in the know...the Vitamix is our life-line in the kitchen. A heavy duty, kick-ass blender that cowboy's up every time without fault or failure. Now that that is out of the way, about the food~

There were many dishes concocted and all were based and focused on the luxurious and luscious bounty of the season. The sexy thing we call summer, albeit a bit on the down-low this year. Heirloom tomatoes...cucumbers...squashes...tomatoes...stonefruits...lavender...
verbena...blackberries...and did I say tomatoes? So here is a "picking" of what was new and inspired by the moment, and the peeps that graced us with their presence to experience our cooking at the chef's table~

farm-fresh watermelon, black pepper, baby yellow tomatoes, feta and olive oil

green zebra, american sturgeon caviar, lobster, cape gooseberries,
brandywine tomato coulis, bergamot oil

"degustation of summer corn"
warm corn-truffle salad, micro bulls blood, saba-walnut dressing
corn-bacon pancake, honshimejii, 30 year balsamic condiment
silky sweet corn soup. white truffle oil

marcona almond crusted foie gras, spiced peaches w/ mint & jalapeno
"caribbean french toast", blis maple gastric

rice crusted soft shell crabs, grilled yellow taxi tomatoes, lomo
castellvetrano olives, zucchini & onion stuffed squash blossoms
micro arugula, smoked tomato essence

brandywine tomato sorbet, lemon verbena, grains of paradise
tuscan melon tartare

porcini crusted american bison, trumpet royale mushrooms,
caramelized nectarine, heirloom garlic, potato-horseradish puree

manjari, cherries, lemon macaroons, caramel
corn creme brulee, blackberries, blackberry sorbet
lemon tart, white donut peaches
lavender ice cream, lavender "whoopie pie"

chocolate-hazelnut macaroons, blackberry & peach pates de fruits
chamomile & caramelized honey chocolates
passion fruit caramels


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I have marcona crusted foie for staff? You can add the spiced peaches as well.. :)

10:21:00 PM  
Anonymous Ryan Stoy said...

Can I have marcona crusted foie for staff? You can add the spiced peaches as well.. :)

10:21:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Absolutely amigo...tasty eats for sure! It was a riff of Norm Van Akens cooking...

9:50:00 AM  

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