Kitchen Eye Candy 8.13.10...

Just a few things that took place this week and a few things that did not...

First, we received our long awaited new KOCH vacuum seal machine(some non-foodies may think big freakin deal-dont blame ya) which is hella awesome for us. The bummer is that we had to go find oil to run it and then we got too busy with cooking to use it. Monday for sure!
Secondly, we put up more cherries by way of canning for the fall and winter. Can't wait to taste em. We also got some new salumi working, which right now is the most killer time to have it take place as the humidity and temperature are perfect for ripening and fermenting. A few things that we cooked,(amongst many other lost souls who did not get "their" photo taken) were an uber-ripe apricot & almond frangipane tart, glazed with a vanilla-citrus syrup before slicing. Very tasty when served warm right out of the oven with a subtle toastiness and slight acidity! We paired them with stonefruits and cacao nib creme fraiche. Next was a fresh local peach & vanilla pates de fruits...aka fruit jellies. Smooth, delicate with a burst of summer on your palate! A nice finish to any tasting menu for sure! Our current summer lamb dish made up of sauteed potato gnocchi, haricots verts, sous vide fennel, and a turkish fig relish. Quite savory....and a feature of Atlantic Fluke(think nice flounder) with a savory Shrimp composure, pioppini mushrooms, chick peas, basil pesto "vinaigrette" and a refreshing scallop-lychee "salsa" on top. Lastly, was a small army of devils food cupcakes, topped & stuffed with a valrhona chocolate mousse, wild blackberries, an ethereal lemon macaroon, blackberry coulis, and a "veil" of "berry tinted" marzipan. The marzipan was apparently the guest of honors' fav so we obliged. Not my style, but hey...they seemed to love it. Basically, when it all boiled down...just damn good times!


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