Chef's Table Shots...

from tonight...
wild striped bass "chop", fingerling potatoes sous vide, spanish chorizo
charred baby octopus, green olive vierge

from monday...
grilled block island swordfish, farmer's squash, chorizo, tomato sofrito
marjoram blossoms, crispy shallots, jus de poisson

Over the last several nights, we have had a couple chef's tables that warrant some air time. Rather than post them in a singular fashion, and all in and of themselves, I am combining them as to show more of the transformation of thought as the week goes onward. For better or worse, it moves forward. There is no stopping the progression and motion of the food and the kitchen. The life takes on a form of it's own. When energy and a positive attitude are high, we excel. When we are moody, tense, or emotionally spent, the food suffers. There is no way around that. One can not be on top of their game if they are fatigued or not in the right mind. Try it...you'll see. Anyway, we felt good about the flavors and dishes presented within. Fun flavors, fun folks, fun times. Summer rocks...hope you can enjoy the passion as we do...
Monday's Table...
maine lobster "brulee" with citrus dressing, melon-heart of palm salad
honeydew melon "boisson", yogurt-elderflower frozen lollipop
fresh hand-cut pasta "threads", heirloom tomato, basil, dungeness crab
tomato water "vinaigrette"
honey bunches of oats crusted foie gras & scallop
hazelnuts, cacao nibs, pickled red onions, plums
~bouche revigorant~
mango relish, organic carrot sorbet, toasted coconut
slow roasted muscovy duck breast, peas, corn, asparagus, chanterelles
sweet corn emulsion, balsamic infusion
pan roasted loin of lamb, potato gnocchi, caramelized fennel sous vide
chianti jam, bittersweet chocolate essence
Tonight's Table...

spicy buttermilk dipped portuguese sardines

fennel-orange salad, chili aioli, fennel pollen, blood orange dressing

honey bunches of oats crusted foie gras, diver scallop, sauteed pluot

late harvest zinfandel vinegar gastric

spice crusted muscovy duck, gingerbread pancake, chanterelles, carrots

caramelized fennel, elderflower compressed cherries, oregano blossoms

"claudio corallo" sauce


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