Tracy's King Crab Shack...

On one of our ports of call on our tour to Alaska, we stopped in Juneau to experience the local vibe and picturesque scenery. We walked around the town amongst the plethora of gem stores and tourist shops only to thankfully stumble upon this wonderful little "gem" find of a culinary kind. What a treat! It is just slightly off the main drag and a hop from the boat dock. Tracy, the owner, operates this little "shack" called Tracy's King Crab Shack~ literally a shack. It is a street food dream in this little fishery town serving up a haul of fresh crab cakes with spicy dipping sauce, crab bisque, sweet with that fresh shellfish essence and a touch of heat, whole freshly cooked(although they were previously cooked/frozen at sea) crab legs, either king crab or dungeness, piping hot and served with drawn butter. Amongst other little tasty treats, we opted to taste these. The meat was so sweet and plump, it was hard to even get a word out as my posse(the 2-live-crew seated with gangsta hoods) and I were talking. I didn't want to stop eating...even to answer them. The crab is caught(think deadliest catch) and then cooked at sea, or at least right when they dock, then shipped directly to Tracy. She has had much media and press about her shack and crab cookery. In one of the last Food and Wine Magazine articles, Jose Andres was interviewed about his experience here. He spoke highly of her and her street food hut. Unfortunately, she was not there when he was there that day only to hear a staff member rave about the attention it generated. When we walked up to the shack, I was reading the article posted outside the window and remembered reading it back then and feeling excited about the crustacean. Then it was like...wow, here it is and here I am. Very cool. So, we ordered up a handful of her offerings and was pleasantly surprised and impressed. Tracy is doing a good thing. If you are ever in Juneau, you must try this roadside temple as it screams out the true essence of the food scene in Alaska short of catching a king salmon and grilling it at your campsite.

check out her web on the link above.


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