Tastes from the Last Chef's Table...

Copper River Salmon Agnolotti
Orange-Dill Essence, Crispy Sweetbreads, French Breakfast Radishes, Peas
Pea Jus, Lovage Chiffonade

Although the menus from the chef's table are really never the same on any given evening from all the others, there are nuances and componentry that are very similar. This is not due to becoming complacent or unimaginative or not creative in our thought process and desire to develop new dishes, it is simply a purpose to further understand and refine the dishes we are doing. If one is to really only do something once, how does one learn? How can they grow and get better in that technique? How can the cuisine evolve? It can not really in my mind. I have been asked a few times via this blog about repetition, but our cooking is not repetitive, moreso evolving. However, repetition is an important fundamental in a cooks repertoire to improve upon ones skills. As an example, if you have been reading, you can see multiple photos of a copper river salmon belly sashimi, flame torched with salmon-orange-dill agnolotti. As one reads, it seems like the "same ol-same ol". It is not. Sure, the dish may look like it, but what one does not see (pardon if you do) is the evolution of the dish, the flavor, the technique. The menu has been changed up, with different accompaniments and style and composition. We purchase fresh unique ingredients, and those ingredients are meant to be shared with others. If we as a team plan a dish, we may do that dish many times over but with a different approach each time and with the make up of different components as a whole. The experience for the diner is totally different each meal, but at face value sometimes, it seems the same. Learning is the key. If we have to do something a hundred times over, then so be it. Our gain, and ultimately, the guests'. The point is, when you see the dish, look deeper at the whole, not the fact that we have once again done a similar composure. Evolution is the focus, in which I strive to achieve on a continual and never ending basis.

Hawaiian Ahi Tuna "Crudo"
Oranges, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, Golden Caviar
Lime Creme Fraiche, Black Olive Brittle

Compressed Watermelon
Elderflower Infusion, Prosciutto Sorbet, Orange Dust, Ham Sand, Mosto Cotto Redux

"Squab Two Ways"
Sous Vide Breast, Spicy Pancake, Caramelized Onions, Braised Carrots, Foie Gras

Grilled Marinated Leg, Rhubarb, Carrot Oil and Wild Huckleberry-Manjari Jus


Blogger TheGourmetGirl said...

Your flavor combinations create a sense of exploration that the average food lover would never consider.
It is moments such as this when I am eager for technology to catch up and create an 'app' which would allow a user to capture the aromas and the flavors immediately.
Thank you chef for sharing your creative genius with us.

2:51:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

so welcome. Glad you enjoy the dishes. Always a pleasure to share my craft with those that can appreciate the efforts.

11:00:00 AM  

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