Burrata, aka; "Buttery"...

Fresh Burrata

warmed Compressed Strawberries, Elderflower Jus, Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Black Pepper

Or so the name implies! And oh are they correct. Fresh Burrata is so creamy and sweet with a very silky texture, it is seemingly sinful to indulge upon. So be it. That doesn't stop many artisan cheese enthusiasts who have come to seek out and become obsessed with this prized southern Italian delicacy of dairyness. Originally from the southern region in Puglia, but also finding it's place in other sun-inspired regions such as Basilicata, this cheese most prominently from the water buffalo, but now much more commonly from cow's milk is amongst some of the most delicious cheeses one can find. Outside of their own villages and towns(and regions in Italy), it almost becomes foreign to other areas within the country, and yet, it is actually marketed more heavily into other countries whom appreciate this mozzarella-like cheese. Made from fresh mozzarella curds, this cheese boasts an interior filling of fresh mozz scraps, that have been shredded and mixed with fresh cream (panna) and stuffed into a fresh mozz pouch that has been stretched to obtain that amazingly smooth, elastic and texturous shell and then sealed with a twist to encapsulate the soft, ricotta-like filling. Originally wrapped up with a leaf from the leek-like plant called asphodel, it is now done with plastic and a tie and contains the natural brine and milky water from the final soaking that seals the burrata. It is best consumed within 24-48 hours, but this can be a challenge within any country out of a "stone's throw" from Italy. With overnight shipping and great exporters, it can be obtained. As a test, we examined to see how long the cheese would hold, and surprisingly, it held quite well, although we could see the freshness wither as days passed. Here are several shots of plating the cheese...


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