A Tribute to the Master...

In honor of "le Maitre de la Cuisine Francaise" himself...Georges Auguste Escoffier, we had the extremely unique opportunity to cook for his great grandson; Michel Escoffier, who himself runs the Escoffier Foundation and oversees the Escoffier Culinary Museum in the south of France on the Cotes d'Azur. Michel had agreed to come and spend an evening with us in Seattle, dubbed as a "conversation with" along with a dinner and exploration of his life as the great grandson of the late, great Auguste E., known mainly as "Escoffier". To most professional chef's and cooks, and even some serious food enthusiasts, Escoffier was the master. The God. The Shit! He defined, redefined, documented and formalized the entirety of classic French cooking and it's foundation of recipes as we know it today. He revolutionized the brigade system in a kitchen and developed the "ala carte" format we see today in almost any and every eatery the world over. Although today my dishes do not take on his style of classical recipe and ingredient usage, many techniques, fundamentals and skills are rooted from his teachings. I was taught in the art of Escoffier during each professional school I attended...South Seattle Community College, The California Culinary Academy and the Culinary Institute of America, and so much of his classic French structure is ingrained inside of me still, even though the food today is so much more evolved. I believe it is this classic structure that Auguste had documented and so cleverly orchestrated throughout his career and life that has provided me with the fabric in which my disciplined cooking is such a part of. When charged with the fortunateness of Michel's presence, hell, the closest living thing to the master, I wanted to pay homage and a tribute to him as well as show him who I was...aka "facon du chef". I think he(A.Escoffier) would have been proud, or at the very least...I hope.

Boisson "St. Germaine" et Cuillere "Pastorelle"
chilled pea soup, a spoon of leek, mushroom and potato, pea tapioca
Terrine de Fletan "Duglere"
Asperge "Polonaise", Celeriac et Endives, Vinaigrette "Dieppoise"
halibut and heirloom tomato terrine, asparagus with duck egg, brioche and parsley
celery root and belgian endive salad, mussel & shrimp dressing
white anchovy-black olive butter

Selle d'Agneau a' la "Forestiere" Soubise d'Oignon, Fenouil "Sous Vide", Petit Navet "Glace"
et "Garniture Moderne"
loin of lamb(cooked sous vide), caramelized fennel sous vide, baby turnips glace
creamed cepes, chanterelles, morels, bacon, potatoes

"Peche Melba"
peaches, raspberries, anise hyssop ice cream
in various forms and fashions...

in closing, I wanted to again thank our great team of cooks and chefs,
for this dinner could not have been pulled off without their
extreme efforts, dedication and enthusiasm.
And to Jim for having my back during a tough and emotional period during my time in jury duty...
you guys rock!


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