Into the Fire...

Here is a close up view of the burning beast(reads marinated leg of lamb) as it hangs... slowly cooking, caramelizing, roasting and toasting before being put under the knife of the tender of the flame. He who tends to the beast whilst it cooks, gets to taste first! After a day or two of marination in numerous savory herbs, garlic, juniper, evoo, pepper, and smoked paprika, we tie her up and hang her next to a roaring fire only to sit patiently until several hours from then when it is time to serve. Juicy, intoxicatingly aromatic and oh-so flavorful. What a sight. Not much better than that. This is one of the cool perks I have by working here. Where else are you able to cook like this over a thousand-degree fire? Primitive to say the least, but awe-inspiring. Good times.


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