24 Hour Brisket part 2...

Came in today with a bit of down mood due to the dryness of the brisket, but feeling stoked at the new opportunities. We tasted it again to review the dryness I was implicating and low and behold, after 60 hours or so in the walk-in, the meat had thoroughly rested and maintained it's rosy red color. The flavor was still freaky, crazy good and the glaze was superb. What we found though was that ti was not as dry as it was that night when hot. It had reabsorbed it's juices. When in it's cold state, it was tasty for sure, but the flavors were not as pronounced. Sliced thin, then popped onto the plancha for merely seconds, this allowed the fat to render slightly, then this became an entirely different beast. Moist, tasty, succulent and very flavorful. It is destined for a warm spicy sandwich for sure. As for the future experiments, we will still move forward as that is what we do, but we will not discard the latter so quickly mind you. I have rekindled my thoughts and ideas as to what it may produce in a very positive way. Stay tuned for future results.


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