Consummate the Marriage...

Well...not sure if we actually did this for these two, but it sure was a nice way to send a wonderful couple off on their way to a wonderful marriage and hopefully wonderful life together. Of Hawaiian origins, the guests were mainly from the Islands of the aloha state and had gathered here before us to allow us to bless the couple on the night before the wedding by cooking for them and their family. I wanted to craft something unique, super fresh, relative to the clientele and that bestowed a special meaning for them as they traveled into  the deep blue waters together. Something memorable, fun, tasty and flavorful... a dinner that they would fondly remember for many years to come. I hope that this was the case. May I only be so fortunate someday to enjoy this same experience prior to my special day in the future! Mahalo...
hawaiian kona kampachi crudo, heirloom tomato pave, mixed heirloom tomatoes
peaches, peach pearls, lemon verbena, green harissa, yuzu pudding, micro greens
hiwa kai sea salt, tomatocello vinaigrette

togarashi and hibiscus seared hawaiian tombo tuna, purple potatoes
plum coulis, carrot-herb tapenade, plum relish, herb infusion, micro mustard
wild shrimp-heart of palm-watermelon radish salad, grated smoked macadamia nuts

spice crusted moularde duck breast, baby zucchini-basil puree
sweet summer corn fritters, honey roasted cipolline onions
chanterelles, licorice root-syrah sauce


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