Breath of Life...

Each day, it is easy to lose sight of why we should be thankful and grateful for what we do have, as it is easy perhaps to become jaded about about what we don't. Life is and can be too short. We see it all too often. One passes and leaves behind a family or loved one and yet didn't take the opportunity to say the things that mattered, or  to spend the quality time with them they should have, or they simply spent too much time worrying about things that really don't matter instead of focusing on what truly does. Each day, I try to look at life in a positive and invigorating new light...a breath of fresh air...a breath of life. I have many things to look forward to and for. I have so much to be thankful for in my past. I am blessed and fortunate. I put forth my passion and creative energy into my work and my life. I post these dishes in honor of my blessings. Just breathe...
scallop ceviche, heart of palm, watermelon radish, yuzu, frozen sriracha aioli
crisp potato, togarashi, viognier vinaigrette
seared rabbit loin, foie gras, maple gel, beet paint, pumpkin seed-oat granola
figs, hidden rose apples, brown butter powder, maple-bourbon dressing

fennel crusted fluke, oca, truffle, butternut agnolotti, black trumpet mushrooms
Brussels sprouts, sweetbread-matsutake nage

buddahs hand, fennel, finger limes, citrus-sweet cicely gelee, tea sorbet

american bison, cauliflower mushrooms, potato mousseline, garlic chips
crosnes, persimmons relish, celery-walnut salad, pickled huckleberry essence


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