In Honor of One...

beet & smoked duck salad, beet-heart of palm "ravioli", carrot-beet tapenade, pickled gold beet
persimmons-fennel salad, orange-fennel vinaigrette, micro greens
lobster-avocado-mango salad, yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon
(not pictured)
pan roasted pleasant view farms foie gras, caramelized bananas, maple apples
pecans, vadouvan-saba dressing, coffee sugar brulee, burgundy amaranth
seared hawaiian opakapaka, indigo rose tomato, quinoa-corn-chanterelle composure
black garlic, baby tropical spinach, carrot emulsion, orange jus de poisson
bouche revigorant
hawaiian lehua honey gel, finger lime-buddah's hand salad,
fennel pollen frozen yogurt lozenge
(not pictured)
beef & veal "shortstack"...
braised short rib and cheek, artisan polenta, fairy tale eggplant, matsutake mushrooms
brussel sprouts, crosnes, walnuts, truffle essence, cassis-peppercorn sauce
spice cake pudding, noyeaux ice cream, crisp banana
pumpkin custard, gingerbread crumble, pears, pear sorbet, molasses cookie
espresso-chocolate mousse, caramel, figs
tiramisu, smoked cinnamon ice cream
salted caramels, persimmons pates de fruits, balsamic chocolates
walnut-nutella macaron sandwiches
(not pictured)
My posts are always attributed to or a tribute to one thing or another that I hold close and dear. A memory or remembrance of something or someone significant or deeply rooted within me. This post is really the epitome of that concept. Matt my friend...this one is and was totally for you. I cooked at the chefs table last night kicking ass with you in my mind recalling all the great times we cooked together in the past. The foods we enjoyed, the dishes we are passionate about and the inspiration you have always been to me as a chef. From the excitement about cooking foie gras, to the many times dining at Crush, to my surprise birthday party there to discussions about our travels, different chefs and restaurants. As I plated the dishes last night, especially the foie gras, I could see the times in the past cooking them together. Laughing, focused, serious, passionate and having fun doing what we love to do. Good times! I need you to fight the good fight amigo. I was kicking ass cooking knowing you will be kicking ass with the right and the fight to live! A will to survive. A will to have strength, the passion and the desire to experience more on this earth. To remind us all that we need to be positive and set the great examples such as you have in the past. I can not wait to cook together again and create yet another awesome memory. This one's for you bud...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Chef for your wonderful writing, pictures and especially your obvious love of our friend Matt! I too am thinking of him and sending him every awesome thought that crosses my mind! Here's to the good fight!

Autumn Maddox McTaggart

7:10:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hi Autumn...You are most welcome. It was and is an honor for me to cook something meaningful and personal as this as a tribute to our friend. This all hits way too close to home for me. Cooking that night it was if we were back in the kitchen together enamored over the foie. Yes...here's to a good fight...

7:17:00 PM  

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