Element of Taste...

roasted monkfish, squab breast, huckleberries, garlic chips, corn shoots
grilled lobster mushrooms
seared scallop, foie gras, fig jam, roasted figs, lehua honey gel, honeydew melon vinegar
chanterelle terrine, compressed pears, douglas fir, cassis shallots, banyuls dressing
mini bison burgers, shallot jam, fig confit, black pepper mayo
aged bleu, brioche
This thought can be so deep. Way deep. Some tastes are delicate and subtle...some are rich and robust...some are spicy and alive and some just crazy and profound. I enjoy the element of taste and how it reacts on one's palate. To create and build something that allows one to contemplate food and causes them to say "wow" and even moreso...have it be such an amazing impact that they recall that over and over throughout the years. That is something quite wonderful. What an amazing thing...taste. Flavor??? a whole different story altogether...


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