Eye Candy for Foodies...

seared scallop, parsnip puree, maple, golden caviar, crispy potato

chilled asparagus terrine, goat cheese, prosciutto, wood sorrel, px
white asparagus-lobster salad

spicy walleye pike collar, citrus, chilies, carrot tops, pickled ramps
citrus-fennel yogurt

seared foie gras napoleon, crispy phyllo, poached rhubarb, rhubarb puree
salad burnett, hazelnuts, cacao nibs

pinot poached foie gras, szechuan, rhubarb puree, orange oil
poached rhubarb

garlic-cornmeal crusted soft shell crab, pickled wild leeks, chorizo potatoes
radishes, fiddleheads, ramp coulis
soft shell crab bisque, chives, fava bean tapenade

orange crusted gulf tilefish, pea vines, peas, honshimejii
pea pancake, carrot oil, chianti essence

salt steamed alaskan halibut, lemon potatoes, ramp coulis
peas, pharaoh lemon sherry jus de poisson

compressed granny smith apples, black olive caramel
fizzy, mojito granite

porcini crusted lamb tenderloin sous vide, smoked trumpet royale
fava ban tapenade, carrot creamed nettles, bacon pancake
savory lamb jus

same concept as above...
sub artichoke puree, japanese knotweed, green apple mustard
apple relish, black currant essence

lemon pudding cake, raspberries, szechuan, strawberry sorbet
espresso cappuccino semi freddo, croquant
ricotta napoleon, blood orange, candied meyer lemon
preserved bing cherries, cherry gelee, rhubarb reduction, soil, lemon verbena ice cream

since it is late...long over due...and late in the day, I going with this title. After all, it is nice to look at and arousing for the trained eye of a fellow foodie. Serious foodies enjoy it perusing good food shots. They can't seem to get enough of it. I know cause I am one. I also happen to a chef. One who likes to create...likes to take photos of it...talk it, eat it, dream it, live it and display it as a sexy model high upon the stage showing the world all the beauty that she has to offer, no matter if it is not for everyone. To each their own right? Anyway, these shots of food porn find their way to this site as a reflection of a couple chefs tables in the recent days. Spring has finally addressed it's presence in the Northwest. Thank god I say. This post is about sharing the beauty of that model and wanting all to experience what she is all about. Does she have flaws...of course. That is not the point...the point is to stimulate thoughts and concepts and provoke idea formulation for those of you in this world of all things good and all things food. Keep cooking...


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