Happy Fathers Day...

stuffed saddle of rabbit, morels, fried duck egg yolk, farmers asparagus

salad burnett, truffle-sherry vinaigrette

horizontal foie gras napoleon, phyllo, rhubarb, nutella, apples
hazelnuts, crispy potato

soft shell crab, pea tempura, champagne braised king trumpet mushrooms,
garlic scapes, carrot-potato puree, rosemary essence, chive blossoms

syrah braised bison short ribs, sassafrass, roasted cepes, porcini nettles
beet puree, artichoke-walnut tapenade, lingonberry sauce

cappuccino semi freddo, chocolate stix, lemon, rhubarb, raspberry flavors


This post is for all the fathers out there who are chefs and dads alike. It is so hard to do what we do, work the hours we do and to be there for our kids as well. It gets so tough when you know you constantly must forge ahead on your craft, your cooking and your refinement as well as make sure you are there for the things that truly matter. I have not always made the best choices in that realm. I know that over the years my cooking, my craft and my career have excelled and my quality time with my boys has not always been the most it could be. For that I will always be saddened and somewhat regretful for not being around for them more. I just hope they can understand and ultimately...forgive. So please dads...do not forget what is so important...your children. Here's to you all...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how true!

7:41:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

aint it though...

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