Inspirations of Spring...

seared foie gras napoleon, rhubarb, hazelnuts, muscovado-cashew bon bon

rhubarb reduction

garlic-hazelnut-cornmeal crusted soft shell crab
ramps, peas, artichokes sous vide, verjus, lemon potatoes

chervil seared alaskan halibut, carrot creamed nettles
king trumpet mushrooms, fava beans, salad burnett, chive essence

organic chicken breast sous vide, semolina gnocchi
duck confit, caramelized onions, artichokes, micro sorrel
balsamic oil, pinot glaze

pepper & porcini seared "painted hills" flat iron of beef
carrot nettles, king trumpets, crisp salsify,
truffled celery root, charred smoked onion sauce


these are from a handful of shots taken during a few recent chefs table dinners... the vibe was all about the spring and the ingredients that mother nature shares with us. The food was fun, tasty, alive and vibrant in terms of flavor and plate up. Each day we find ourselves with a little something extra to play with and to inspire us by. And each day, hopefully, we find ourselves with a little more spark and sense of on fire to create. Not every day are we on the top of our game, as life does happens to chefs too, yet we act like it doesn't. It is my hope that this food will in some small way inspire you to cook on this wonderful holiday weekend and put a smile of your face as you read and look at the food. Here's to all of our fallen hero's of the military, lost either in action or to some damn disease like cancer or those that simply have left us after many long and wonderful years on this planet...God bless and wishing you all a better life in a better place. Happy Memorial Day...


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