For Whom it May...

copper river salmon "toro", farmers "teenage" white asparagus

heart of palm,citrus,bergamot, togarashi yogurt, crispy onion

seared foie gras napoleon, rhubarb puree, poached rhubarb, oca leaves
rhubarb syrup, rhubarb reduction, szechuan pepper, phyllo

crispy soft shell crab, fava bean tapenade, cider pickled ramps
wilted pea vines, bacon, pedro ximenez reduction

seared albacore tuna, maitake mushrooms, carrot creamed nettles
potatoes "parisienne", green garlic, verjus sauce

ostrich "two ways"
sous vide loin, morels, artichokes, parsnip puree
apple-trumpet mushroom-sweetbread stuffed, chard, creamy brown butter potatoes

coffee crusted tenderloin of oregon lamb
peas, fennel, beet puree, savory lamb jus

spring sweets...
cappuccino semi freddo, dove bar stix, raspberries, yogurt sorbet
nutella ganache tart, cherries, caramel
lemon brulee, lemon puddingcake, rhubarb sorbet
fruit salad, raspberries, rhubarb, chocolate soil, lemon verbena ice cream

concern...inspire...fuel their passion...piss off...offend...revitalize...or stimulate and arouse...these latest shots are for you and for all in between and for those I left out. I mean no disrespect, just hoping to share the love I have of food and spread the passion and fire about cooking something with life and a sense of the moment. I have the great fortune of being able to put my heart and soul into the food that I am cooking and my emotions come through instantaneously and are alive as it unfolds pumped full of adrenaline like that of a rock star or extreme sport junkie. So it goes without saying that IT IS my life and everything~ ...good, bad or anything in between drives it, and thus has an everlasting affect on it's outcome. We had the benefit of cooking for some foodies the other day who seemed to be quite all about food and dining so I say bring it on! They left happy and satiated, we left exhausted yet rejuvenated. And yet, not matter how good we feel our craft to be, there is yet to be another guest with new expectations and ambitions that we must set our missions high in order to satisfy. We will live to cook another day and strive to fulfill those expectations...both theirs... and ours!


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