Pleasure vs. Pain...

A rivalry for sure. and yet, they can seem to go hand in hand, or at least that is how it feels at times, especially in the midst of a busy, professional kitchen such as ours. Maybe some(cooks) do not see it, but I do and I have for a long time. Almost a symbiotic relationship between two entities, two elements of nature, two forces that are merely emotions from within. Deep. From this passion I live, come a plethora of both...one not really more so than the other, just almost in balance of themselves...together as one. As I walk forward...a shattered snapshot of how I see it in no random order...

The pleasure of finding a career that you enjoy vs. the pain of not making the money you deserve and work hard for, or at least at first~

The pleasure of finding rhythm, cooking in a kitchen and all that it entails vs. the pain of not having a social life(hard change)~

The pleasure of being good at what you do vs. the pain of having to serve time in the passion prison you dwell~

The pleasure of cooking in itself vs. the pain of the business~

The pleasure of being part of something great and awesome, similar to that of a rock and roll band vs. the pain of the potential, inherit and probable addiction to drugs, alcohol & substance abuse~

The pleasure of a craft and career that you find redeeming and satisfying vs. the strain and agony it can place on a relationship or marriage~

The pleasure of cooking with great ingredients with a great team of passionate people wanting to do nothing more than the most awesome of food vs. the pain of cost constraints and general realities of the business~

The pleasure of working towards perfection and being the best vs. the pain of knowing those dear to you suffer and pay the price for you not being there with them~

The pleasure of making your guests happy vs. the price one can pay to do so~

The pleasure of the euphoric feeling pertaining to the creation of food and the passion it envelops vs. the pain of knowing that you will never reach your nirvana~

The pleasure of bestowing your heart and soul through your craft and cooking to a guest vs. the pain of knowing some will never get it~

The pleasure of truly making someone happy vs. the pain of only thinking you are or have been...only to find out you didn't hit the mark~

The list goes on and on for sure, but I think you can see the picture and understand the thought. In the end...I take the bitter with the sweet... the good with the bad... and of course, the pain with the pleasure! Good times!


Blogger Marc Frederic said...

R U having a bad day? I'm not in tune with your blog, can I reccomend you take a day off and get sloshed and start a fresh!

2:51:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Hey marc...no, I am not. All good, just thinking about all the trials and tribulations we go through in or pursuit of our work. I will consider the thought tho...thanks for reading & commenting. Cheers...bill

7:16:00 PM  

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