First Taste of Fall...

roasted beets, smoked salmon, golden caviar, horseradish creme fraiche

seared foie, scallop, pumpkin flan, cipolline onions, maple "brulee"

Fall is definitely upon us here in the wonderful NW! I love it. It is my favorite time of year to cook. The mental soothing pleasures of a good braise. The warmth from a hearty stew or ragout. The aromas and tastes from savory roasts and sautes. They are heavenly. From woodsy wild mushrooms to flavorful fish and crustaceans...from ethereal earthy legumes to tantalizing pungent truffles...from toasted nuts and natural grains to sexy silken chocolate~ I love them all. They play such an important role in my cooking this time of year. It is somewhat bi-polar though in that, in the summer, we are in the middle of "fresh-from-the-garden" season and yet we start thinking and fantasizing about the fall. In the height of winter, we long for springtime. In the spring, we can not wait to get into summer. We are never pleased and typically always impatient when it comes to food. That is the life of a cook looking forward to what he or she will prepare next. It is the passion inside that fuels our fire. The fall is intellectual and sensual though in my mind. It seduces you. It lures one via an avenue of warmth, feelings of closeness and a sense of relaxation and comfort. Even in it's most modern preparations and presentations, it can still be simple and bring you to that state of nirvana that we so love and are in search for, yet usually rarely achieve. Here are some shots I took recently at the chef's table and various dishes going out...enjoy and raise a glass to the season!
duck confit terrine, pears, walnuts, arugula, crisp shallots, fig vinaigrette
seared sailfish, corn pancake, leeks, lobster essence, chervil
pear sorbet, sous vide pears, grains of paradise
seared american bison, artichoke puree, caramelized garlic, huckleberries
parsnip jam, savory squash cake, bittersweet chocolate jus


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