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A moment in time...a glimpse of the vibe...an arousal in taste and texture! It is always an inspiration for me when a "foodie" comes to dine with us at the chef's table(or anywhere else for that matter). Tonight's table was a guest who has inspired us from the beginning of the chef's table inception...which in turn has become a birth ritual in our kitchen with this person whenever he and his guests come to experience our craft. It is because of this person, truly, that our chef's table came to be. Sure, we would have most likely developed the elements of this venue within the thrones of the battery but it is the way it transpired is what is unique. That is a different story and a different time. Tonight is about the food and what was the inspiration for the meal. Simple...his being here and gracing us with the opportunity to cook for him and his wife, straight from our hearts is what it was about. Now sit back and enjoy...or not. Either way, here it is..
~snacks scene 1~
house cured lamb sausage, pork felino salumi, lonza, tuscan cured pork
spicy smoked antelope andouille
~snacks scene 2~
frozen spicy aioli lollipop, orange in blood orange evoo and warm spicy calamari
maine lobster cup, avocado, mango, american sturgeon caviar,
yuzu-champagne sabayon
penn cove mussel salad, heart of palm "ravioli" with litchi, togarashi and golden caviar
chayote squash, radishes and green apple in a bergamot dressing

painted hills tenderloin of beef tartare
broiled oregon boquerones, citrus, chipotle, potatoes, andouille,
baby tomatoes, olive oil, panzanella, sherry vinegar

foie gras "two ways"
chilled mousse, apricot brulee "tart", apricot-truffle conserve,
30 year balsamic, brioche, fleur de sel
honey bunches of oats crusted, peppered plums, cacao nibs, hazelnuts and syrah gastric

alaskan spot shrimp, baby zucchini agnolotti, peas, honshimejii, house kimchee
smoked & bbq'd calamari nage

hawaiian hebi(spearfish) & squab breast
braised chard, chorizo potatoes, sweet garlic, charred tomato poultry jus
grated marcona almonds

baby fennel-sweet carrot-carrot top salad, elderflower compressed cucumber
black salt, frozen yogurt-elderflower lollipop

brown butter roasted veal sweetbreads
corn-bacon pancake, morels, fava beans, corn, truffle oil, fig-mustard jus
"street food"
sumac braised wild boar "slider", rhubarb, house parker roll
spicy bbq glazed "skewer", coconut, quince paste
peach-cabbage-carrot slaw

pepper & porcini crusted bison loin
potato gnocci, red onion marmalade, porcini mushroom, smoked salt & evoo
black peppercorn-saba sauce

quillisascut crottin, fig jam, moscato gelee
chevre de cremier, peach sambal, grate walnuts
7 year gouda, green apple mustard, mostarda, cherries
moncenisio bleu, roasted melted grapes, douglas fir honey
peach-lemon balm smoothie with cardamom
raspberries, litchi, orange curd, langue du chat
organic local strawberries, pepper, creme fraiche ice cream
pistachio financier, peaches, sapote sorbet, cherries
douglas fir milkshake
two flavors with bacon...hazelnut-bacon macaroon sandwiches, bacon caramels
strawberry pates de fruits
chamomile-citrus chocolates


Blogger Gastrochild said...

Compressed cucumber elderflower & frozen yogurt elderflower lollipop?!? Incredible menu...thank you for sharing chef!

8:20:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

you are welcome. the cucumber takes on a cool, floral refreshing flavor with the elderflower infusion. Compressed, it changes into a more meatier texture. The frozen lollipop is a nice way of introducing a "sorbet" element in a non traditional manner.

1:27:00 AM  

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