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One say's as one does...we have closed the books on last year and have started a new chapter for 2k14. As we came to the close of the annum, we cooked with our hearts and presented with our souls. It was what we had in front of us and did what we could and what we felt. Cooking at it's finest. With the new beginning, we ask ourselves...what shall we do now? How shall we proceed? How do we do better and what will that entail? Will we have the resources and abilities? The staffing? The clientele? How will the new year present itself fiscally and sustainably? So many questions and yet, so little time as we need to keep rolling. Time doesn't wait for anybody, it only keeps ticking. The longer it ticks, the farther we can get behind, or further ahead. It is up to us as chefs to forge ahead and not fade to black. Here are some of the closing statements of 2013...Cheers!
rabbit loin, figs, beet paint, beets, maple gel, pistachio
brown butter powder, banyuls vinaigrette

scottish grouse sous vide, grilled foie gras, porcini pancake
hidden rose apples, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, sherry-foie gras sauce

triple beef filet, apple confit, seared foie gras, potato croustillant
potato puree, aged balsamic reduction

marinated flank steak, celery root puree, harissa carrots, fennel
duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes, cacao nib vinaigrette

seared diver scallop, duck tongues, pumpkin agnolotti, truffles
brussels sprouts, pumpkin seed granola

pumpkin semi freddo, chocolate pop rock wafer, pumpkin, pears
spices, gingerbread dust, crème fraiche, pear sorbet

praline chocolate silk, caramel apples, compressed apples, cinnamon ice cream
cranberry coulis, hazelnuts


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