Transition In Thought...

brined & smoked salmon, citrus, celery, hearts of palm, peppercress, togarashi
sriracha aioli, crispy potato, melon vinaigrette
seared foie gras, scallop, roasted banana, candied pecan, coffee sugar brulee
saba-vadouvan vinaigrette
carrot butter poached canadian whitefish, thumbelina carrots, apples, onions
matsutake mushrooms, verjus-golden raisin sauce

hawaiian honey gel, kaffir lime, fennel pollen frozen yogurt lozenge, buddah's hand 
braised beef short ribs sous vide, fairy tale eggplant, chanterelles, quinoa-corn salad
brussel sprouts-crosnes-walnut, black currant essence
grilled lamb tenderloin, cous cous, lobster mushrooms, scarlet turnips, black garlic
brisket spice oil, douglas fir essence
spice cake pudding, banana chip, apricot kernel ice cream
chocolate-espresso dome, figs, cinnamon ice cream
pumpkin brulee, pumpkin, pear sorbet, gingerbread
poached pear, praline, chocolate sauce, smoked ice cream
walnut-macaron sandwiches, balsamic chocolates, salted caramels, persimmons pates de fruits
A moment in time. A change of pace and direction. A new path based on emotions and thoughts, in essence the force and inertia of the drive is changed by the powerful energy and happenings around us. This has been a very tough and trying time for me personally as two friends, colleagues and team mates have been dealt some tough set of cards. I will not go into it other than there must be a reason for it all. As Kid Rock sings...Only God Knows Why! I cook for the moment as many of you know and now is not any different. Emotion runs and cuts deep as the world unravels around us. It surrounds us and takes hold as we embrace or shun the inevitable. I try to use this emotion and turn it into some sort of positive being in the form of my cooking for others, and then as a tribute to those that have made a significant impact on and in my life for the better. It certainly isn't the first time and it sure as hell ain't the last! Without them, I would not be who and where I am today. I only hope that as life goes on and the people around me that are close will enjoy what I have to offer in this world and the people that matter the most will know how much I care about them. Through my cooking however, is merely one way to show it and express my emotion as I preform my craft. As humble as it is. Cooking is life. Life is fragile. Fragility warrants comfort. Comfort is brought on by slow heartfelt cooking. Life can be good. As I think of my two friends, and those closest to me, I am reminded of that. Deep.


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Beautiful chef!

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