Red, Red Wine...

This was all about the "vin rouge". A bountiful and boastful bunch produced by DeLille Cellars in Woodinville, Washington. It was a chance to produce a few dishes to match and pair, taste and savor, the true and fabulous flavors of the local fare. The guys at DeLille are no strangers to great wines and great foods. Their wines go really, really well with robust ingredients and a solid hand at cooking. Here are the few dishes we did. Enjoy the idea of consuming tasty fall degustations and sipping on the following:
Chaleur Estate Blanc 2011
Doyenne Syrah 2003
DeLille D2 2008
Chaleur Estate Red 2001, 2002
sous vide duck breast, quince, crispy duck tongue, pumpkin croustillant
smoked ice cream, black currant gastric
snake river farms wagyu beef rib loin, crosnes, glazed thumbelina carrots, apple butter
king trumpet mushrooms, red wine apples, fig-balsamic essence
valrhona jivara-foie gras dome, persimmons, caramel, pear sorbet, caramel wafer
almond macaron crumble


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