Up with a Twist...

A fun play on a classic...accomplishing just about all the favorite elements of a good time...smoothness, flavor, balance, mouth feel, excitement, conversation and taste! For me, I enjoy taking an idea and spinning it into something memorable and fun...exhilarating and exciting...tasty and unique. This "martini" was crafted with the creation of spring in mind...

fava beans

honshimejii mushrooms


green almonds

spring vegetable stock

diver scallop

early potatoes
to serve~

creamy potato mousseline in bottom, fava bean tapenade layer next, fill with sauteed fresh baby fava beans, honshimejii mushrooms, shallots and scant garlic, chopped tarragon and chervil, spooned into glass. heat vegetable stock with shallots, grated truffle, butter, olive oil, truffle oil, salt and white pepper. Whisk to froth. Ladle gently over fava beans. Sear scallop on both sides. Skewer with pick and serve up, neat or dirty...you decide!


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