Saturday Night Live...

truffled popcorn, assorted salumi
the line
the stage
grilled quail, apricot mostarda, smoked pecans, apples
arugula, crispy sweet potato, balsamic condiment
seared canadian whitefish, spinach puree, honshimejii
leek pancake, citrus butter
compressed mango, pumello, guava sorbet, micro fennel
loin of beef sous vide & braised bison short ribs
black trumpet mushrooms, malloreddus gratin, truffled parsnips
wild blackberry-shallot jus
chocolate tasting
Live with passion...live with excitement...live with motivation and commitment...live with dedication to the craft...live with driven ambitions of making people happy! That is how it went down. A birthday celebration. A chefs table. A food frenzy of cool tastes and flavors. A gathering of family to toast a wonderful woman. And just to think...I got to be there to cook and to prepare my cuisine in which to do so! This rocks. This was a night where we were closed and so we did up the kitchen in rare form. We turned off the lights, we donned streamers and banners...balloons and favors. I was thinking the whole time; "man, I hope I am this lucky when I turn 70"! Hell...I will be happy just to live that long. Cooking is about passion. I have said it many times in the past, to any who will listen. It is a job sure, but one that can not truly exist without it. For it shows if it is only about the money. Money is cold, unfaithful, impersonal, superficial and will not make you a better cook. What is does though is provide opportunity and luxury. It provides sustainability in the workplace and without it, we are the starving artists in the room. This night was all about the live setting. Unplugged...unrehearsed...unchained...and somewhat understated. It was, without a doubt...Saturday Night Live in the kitchen...


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