The Day After...

local albacore tuna crudo sandwich, potato ribbons, golden caviar
togarashi, ginger, spicy aioli, micro greens
moroccan spiced foie gras torchon, cocoa sponge, house preserved cherries
apricot conserve, candied pecans, red wine gastric
seared diver scallop, squid risotto, spinach puree, octopus
bacon jam, almonds, cassis sauce, carrot oil
pink peppercorn laced carrots, blood orange chai sorbet, tea foam
moularde duck breast, black trumpet mushrooms, truffles
baby turnips, candied walnuts, walnut potatoes, blackberry essence
syrah braised short ribs of beef, semolina gnocchi, hedgehog mush
caramelized garlic, bloomsdale spinach, chestnut "bordelaise"
pearl jasmine pot de creme, blood oranges, fennel, guava sorbet
sexy snickers bar, creme fraiche, pears, bacon bombolini
madelines, peanut milkshake
matcha green tea macaron sandwich, pb&j spoons, salted caramels
juniper-tarragon chocolates
This select set of shots would be from the dinner we did the day after Valentines Day... It was for a good friend and foodie who gathered round for a smothering of bites with a handful of buddies to celebrate good times, good friendship and the many years of a business relation together...good times indeed! All of this was to take place centering around good food and wine. He always rocks a good feast amongst his peeps and he tends to call upon me often when such an occasion presents itself. It is an honor, a pleasure and a total rush of passion and inspiration to be able to cook for him and his guests when I can. Throughout my many years cooking where I do, we have had many a great time cooking and eating. The memories will be forever embedded in my brain~ way cool. Here is how it went down...


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