Early One Winter...

scrambled eggs, lobster, truffles, creme fraiche

riesling poached kusshi oysters, american sturgeon caviar, hearts of palm,
cara cara orange brulee, fennel, citrus reduction, crisp potato

scallop, foie gras, lentils, duck tongues, braised romaine lettuce
honshimejii, balsamic reduction

grilled arctic char & pan roasted squab
artichokes, hedgehog mushrooms, salsify, crispy farro
cassis sauce, carrot butter

tangerine ice, blood orange curd, fizzy, pink peppercorn

slow braised veal cheeks, crispy polenta, black trumpet
glazed roots, winter spinach, walnut potatoes, chestnut "bordelaise"

jasmine custard, pears, pear sorbet

almond frangipane, quince, orange-caramel ice cream
honey chocolate bar, poached apricot sandwich, smoked chocolate sorbet
bacon-butterscotch milkshake, coconut palm sugar

Our first chefs table of the month...granted, we were closed for the whole beginning of it, but hey, who's counting!?! We had several planned, but to no avail due to the snow storm. It felt good to come in and cook. I have been missing that sumptn' fierce. And so it was...the snow laid ground gave way to new birth of winter and this is what we conjured up for this cool table of cooking in the moment with the senses amongst the seasonal ingredients and so full of passion...


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