Good Times Celebration...

"P B & J" Spoons..

muscovado jelly, peanut butter mousse, candied croquant

lobster-pumello-avocado salad, american sturgeon caviar, yuzu sabayon

caramelized carrot soup, fingerling potato-pancetta salad
walnuts, chervil, olive oil, sherry vinegar

foie gras two ways...
terrine gelee, gewurztraminer, apple-pecan salad, chocolate, pecan oil
seared, poached quince, hazelnuts, cacao nibs, cherry syrup

carrot butter poached lobster sous vide
hand cut black linguine, leeks, lobster essence, golden caviar

pan roasted canadian whitefish
baby octopus, chick peas, panisse, herb streusel, green olives, almonds, px

syrah braised beef short ribs
hedgehog mushrooms, truffle potatoes, beets, baby carrot oblique
onion "gratin", truffles, blackberry jus

jasmine pot de creme, curried carrots, fennel, tangerine sorbet
honey ganache, cassis pears, bacon ice cream, smoked chocolate sorbet

matcha green tea macaron sandwiches, cardamom chocolates,
salted caramels, madelines

So here we are...back where we began...toe to toe I stand, in front of you...again! A little rip off of lyrics of a staind song I have in my head at the moment. It seems fitting though...standing at the pass at the chefs table, directly in front of our guests, where it all started, pouring my heart out in front of them in my cooking...giving all of our team as we lay down the ingredients and give them love...the love that they so desperately deserve before being consumed. So many passed before today...so many yet to be explored. The cooking is never ending..always evolving and continuously refining. The guests we had the privilege of cooking for this time are regulars...amazing and simply awesome. They deserve our attention, our commitment and our dedication to the craft. For fuel in order to make good on this quest?...Good music, tasty wholesome fresh ingredients, extreme passion and excitement and a warm solid buzz of adrenaline rushing through our bodies! Above are the dishes of the night as it played out...good times!


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