Playing Catch Up...

foie gras torchon, ras el hanout lacing, saba

cocoa-saba sponge, cherries, pecans, cherry gastric, truffled apricot marmalade

tarragon-pumello butter, syrah sea salted butter
roasted eggplant dip

lobster salad, cara cara orange, avocado, lobster-vanilla dressing
golden whitefish caviar

seared scallop salad
yam-brown butter puree, hearts of palm, lentil vinaigrette
pancetta, leeks, micro greens

pan roasted striped sea bass
semolina gnocchi, bacon jam, chanterelles, baby carrots, turnips
cassis jus & carrot butter

beef loin sous vide & braised veal cheeks
black trumpet mushrooms, celery root puree, bloomsdale spinach
chestnut "bordelaise"

"sexy snickers bar"
honey ganache, caramel, pears, bacon bombolini, peanut milkshake
chocolate madelines, huckleberry syrup
maple-bourbon chantilly

I honestly can not figure out where the time goes. I try to post right after a cooking event, but...it seems to slip away...elusive...aludes you...then in a breath...it's gone. Fortunately for a trusty camera, an android phone, a good memory, hand scribed menus on backs of beo's, and some late night contemplation deep in thought...I am able to re-enact the soiree as it went down for you on this humble blog. Enter Valentines Day 2012...hopefully, you will find enjoyment in what you see just as lovers were laid.


Blogger Dorette said...

how stunningly beautiful...your words as well as your cuisine..i appreciate and share a passion for translating both the dining and the experience of creating in the kitchen.merci!

3:56:00 AM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

thank you Dorette...I am glad and excited that not only the food I cook and display is moving, but my writing as well. I truly enjoy both. My biggest passion is in my cooking but writing about it and speaking about it is a deep passion as well. Merci to you!

11:36:00 AM  
Anonymous Nan said...

Your food looks amazing to me. Thanks for sharing your dream with us - the reader.
Where is your restaurant? I would like to go and try your food.


6:22:00 PM  

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