A New Thought...

truffled fava bean martini, fava bean tapenade, creamy potatoes
fava beans and honshimejii mushrooms, truffle nage
"dirty" scallop "olive"
roasted beet salad napoleon, candied walnuts, chevre, blood oranges,
blood orange-elderflower sabayon, arugula
roasted pleasant view duck, black trumpet-robiola grilled cheese
kumquats sous vide, thumbelina carrots, cauliflower puree
white asparagus & pea risotto, green asparagus ribbons
shiitake chips, saba jus
lamb tenderloin sous vide, quinoa & potatoes
caraway braised cabbage, hedgehog mushrooms, barley-apple fritter
these happen for me each and every day...without hesitation...without disappointment...and not without question! Ideas run ramped throughout my mind all day long. Hard to keep track of all the ideas. Hard to see them through to fruition. I write them down, text them to myself, send emails to myself, take pictures of notes and objects in which to remind me later. So many things...so little time. I literally have so many folders, notebooks, files, binders and stacks of thoughts it is crazy. So minimal the memory in retrospect compared to the masses of data that gets conjured up...good thing I have a pretty damn good operating system. Windows Cuisinier...only minimally flawed by age and a few good wasted years in my youth. It's all good though my friends. Cooking comes from the heart and from emotion and the drive within...recipe or not, complete dish or just a small gathering if ingredients, pumped of adrenaline or pure instinct. You have it or you simply do not.


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