Carpe Diem Baby...

silky foie gras mousse, house preserved rainier cherries
grilled challah, saba, duck salad, px-hazelnut vinaigrette
seared foie gras and poached foie gras, gewurztraminer gelee. rhubarb
chocolate pearls, port sauce, compressed apples
grilled quail, apricot mostarda, pears, pecans,
warm bacon-mustard dressing
totally do it...whenever you can. I try. I know I need to practice what I type...what I say...what I preach! Pull from life what you can...you never know when it is going to end up in the crapper. Live life to its fullest and enjoy what you have, not be pissed about what you don't. Be thankful for what you have done, not sad for the things you have not. Be overjoyed about the relationships you currently hold close, not empty for the ones you selfishly think you need to acquire. LISDIN~"Life is short, do it now!"


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