Inspiration; Where From?...

Many ask where do I seek and obtain my inspiration from. As I have stated many a time in the past...it comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and forms and in some cases, I do not have a damn clue. It just happens. Maybe when I get up there, Mr. Almighty can fill me in on that secret. But until then, I search for inspiration in the weather, the guests who will be dining, the food in which we are honored to cook, the beverages that are to be poured, the season that we are currently enjoying (or not), the farmer, rancher, fisherman, winemaker, artisan and such that have graced us with their product. And then there is the mood of the moment, the amount of anxiety, the testosterone levels, the frustrations and joys of life and at times, simply the wonderful feelings of those around you and a part of your life that can bring you happiness and the desire to create. Whatever the challenge..we step up to it gladly and gratefully. Recently...the inspiration came from a solitude drive along our states wilderness as we headed up to Crystal Mountain for a hella day of skiing! That is another inspiration all in itself!


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