Eye Candy 5.10...

fennel crusted alaskan halibut
truffles, peas, king trumpet mushrooms, lovage

tea smoked chicken, asparagus, potato salad
pea puree, lemon oil, asparagus vichyssoise

I have posted a handful of shots in the past, simply listed only as "eye candy", in which it is my vision to have you see these shots as a mere tease of the moment only to inspire one to cook and furthermore...eat! There was not really any form or fashion, rhyme or reason, or philosophy about the postings but to inspire. Here are some more dishes of late that are bits and pieces of greater sums of their parts. Some were chef's table elements cooked by a few for only a few...some were part of a larger "menu gastronomy" that encompassed our whole team for a huge crowd. Either way, the dishes came together as you see here and were very well received by our guests. Most importantly, we were pleased with our work and yet collectively we found new areas where we can refine and improve. Always a process and a journey to fulfill that next fix and to strive for perfection. One thing is for sure...candy is sweet, whether for our mouths or for our eyes! Enjoy~
belize shrimp, heart of palm, guava gelee, lemon compressed
cantaloupe, golden caviar, crispy ginger threads, bronze fennel

truffled goat cheese spoons, panzanalla crumbs, honshimejii mushrooms

quail galantine, pistachios, apricot-truffle conserve, micro tatsoi

cepe crusted lamb tenderloin, ramps, white bean puree
carrot emulsion, crisp salsify

chive & mustard rubbed lamb, potato vapeur, king trumpet mushrooms
fava beans, crispy onions

wild morel and smoked salmon salad
potatoes, lemon panzanella, asparagus and pea boisson


Blogger Sasha said...

Truly beautiful stuff, chef. This posting, and the one after the soiree. That stuff looks gorgeous.

9:20:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

thanks sasha...great to hear from you! Hope things are well. I appreciate the compliments.

10:35:00 PM  

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