2 Ingredients of the Moment...

House Cured Lomo(Lonza) 2010

Hand Rolled Tunisian Cous Cous
from Les Moulins Mahjoub

a simple ingredient? or a sensational inspiration?...

either way you phrase it, one thing is for sure...the two angles feed off of one another and are generally quite complimentary to it's counterpart. Which comes first? The ingredient in which we are inspired by to cook with, or is it the inspiration "to cook" which then leads us to the ingredient that stimulates us most? Is it the moment itself that we find ourselves in as we are engulfed in a heightened state of creativity, the desire which stims us personally, or perhaps it is simply our endorphins rushing as our passion for cooking becomes an addictive pleasant prison? A mental arousal if you will. Maybe all of it, and again, maybe none at all. Cooking for some, is a daunting task and chore and for others, it is a welcomed release based out of the need and necessity for personal nourishment. For me, I am inspired by many a different source...people, a mood, an emotion, a state of mind, the weather or season, a new tool or piece of equipment, but mostly it is between the ingredient and the simple desire to create great food for people that are excited to eat, and eat well. These two ingredients were my inspiration in which to write these thoughts in my blog, which in turn, will hopefully inspire you to cook!


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