Some Forgotten Shots...

warm lobster & mango sliders
vanilla dressing and spicy yuzu

a few dishes of late...

thought I had posted them. Guess not. Maybe I didn't remember. Maybe I felt they were shit, Maybe. As I look back at them now, I think about the state of mind I was in when I created them. Today is a different time and different state. Moods and your mental state play a huge role in your daily cooking and your ability to give attention to the important details. Distractions can run rampid and disrupt the flow, positive energy and good vibe. You lose your concentration and thus fail in your dish, or...you create something spectaular out of sheer mistake. I ask myself...could I cook that good again today? Or, am I much better now than then? Have I progressed or digressed. You tell me. I'll shut up.
torched sashimi of loch duart salmon
elderflower compressed cucumber, shiso, bottarga and
asparagus "vichyssoise"
seared foie gras & scallop
hazelnuts, cocoa foam, cacao nib potatoes and pedro ximenez dressing
sauteed sweet prawn & cuttlefish sous vide
fava beans, olive dust, smoked olive oil, tangerine air


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